Thursday, April 7, 2011


Thanks, M!
I've been waiting since July to wear this shirt to see Dr. Henry (it's my favorite of all of my cancer-themed shirts). It was well received by all.  All good news from my check up (despite a persistent low vitamin D level and a weird allergic skin reaction to something from the port removal.  All in all, I was told to give my lungs another few months to heal from the radiation (and informed that I now have "sensitive airways" to go along with all of my other sensitive parts), but that I have a low risk for developing pulmonary fibrosis.  Since my entire endocrine system got walloped, it is normal to have mood swings (I have a witness, Dan), irregular cycles, pimples, and the like. 

Furthermore, I still have residual effects from the O (oncovin) in R-CHOP (my chemo regimen) that are causing weird tingling/vibrating feelings in my legs and feet.  Dr. Henry encouraged me to go ahead and do whatever feels good and right.  Don't look for things to get nervous about (HA! easy enough for him to say) and if you are ready to expand your family, go ahead and do so.  I don't need to wait a certain period of time in remission since there is no telling if or when the lymphoma will resurface.  He does not believe that pregnancy would cause a recurrence (which I was afraid of), but he said if that were to happen, there are multiple options for treating me during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  This is if we were to even conceive at all, which I in no way believe is a foregone conclusion.

Big breath.  Definitely feeling reassured after meeting with him and hearing only good things.  This afternoon it is arts and crafts here at our house.  Judah and I took an egg carton and shoe box to make his first diorama of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (I swear, it was his idea).  Will post pictures of the finished product.  Paint is drying so we can add the finishing touches. 

Next scan will be a CT in June.  Will probably start to panic about that May 1.



  1. You look sooo cute in that t-shirt!

  2. Dear Mia, thanks for the update. Today..Very Hungry Diorama, tomorrow...Blitstein's First
    Symphony! We love you.
    Uncle, GG amd Kimi

  3. We will keep the good-health prayers coming your way and look forward to our all breathing ever-deeper sighs of grateful relief over the next six months with clean scans and blue (Hawaiian) skies. It takes time for the mind to catch up with the body; as time goes by the sense of trust in your natural healthiness will be strong again.

    Love da