Friday, November 5, 2010

Kitchen Impossible

The update you've all been waiting for:  what's doing with the kitchen??  Below, find some of the "during demo" photos we took last week (and the week before...).
Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she won-der-ful?

Thank goodness we still have the enormous fridge.

Love those appliances
Where are we in the process now?  Well, the floor has been leveled and the new flooring along with the base cabinets will be installed next.  Monday morning, the granite people are coming to template the countertops (and also the windowsills, which are being replaced with the slab leftovers).  Hopefully, by Wednesday, the floors will be done, all cabinets (frames, anyway) in and our old sink will be re-installed so that we can move back into the house, just waiting (for a change) for the granite and new sink to arrive.

The current state of affairs actually looks worse than this today.  The radiator has been torn out and now there is a big hole in the wall there.  Most of the electric blue paint is covered by tinted primer (thanks to Dan and my mom) and we've discovered a layer of dark red behind the fridge.  It is not pretty.

We are staying at my parents' house until we have the sink back in working condition.  Sharing quarters with my family is proving to be eventful and exciting - even my grandma (Judah's GG) has flown in from Oregon to join in on the fun!
warm head, fake wisps

Pictured here is today's attempt at the new bangs.  It allows me to wear snuggly hats (being bald is awfully cold) without looking too sickly.  There are hairs growing in (both on my head and above my eyes), but they have no color, so they're difficult to see.  My tricks are to use mineral pressed powder (thank you to Kaley for introducing me to Jane Iredale makeup), moonglow bronzer and the itty bitty brow kit to pretend my eyebrows are detectable.  The lady at the Penn Abramson Cancer Center's Faith & Hope Boutique said that when her hair first started to grow back after chemo, it also had no color.  I'm counting down the days for another month from now, when hopefully I will have enough growth for a vegetable-based hair dye.  I always wanted to be a redhead.



  1. Can't wait for the before AND After pictures. Impressive progressive! And redheads do have more fun... at lease brunettes.

  2. I suggest you that to have Halo lights along with 14 watt of light= old watts of light 60. You will love very bright kitchen. That's what I did in my kitchen.

  3. 6 halo lights which fit in your Kitchen room and use 2 switches.

    3 halo lights= one switch then 3 more halo lights= one switch.

    I am deaf handyman! I have a lot of experience. I like to suggest that kind of lights. It's up to you.

  4. 14 watts X 6= is 84 watts of lights which more brightest of all in Kitchen or use 14 watts X 3= 42 watts which is still brighter in kitchen. That's what I learn from and I did took Electric shop when I was in High School.

  5. Eventful and exciting! That's a good thing!


    Well, we are fam-uh-lee, and we are resilient, and even after our moments of extraordinary "excitement" we always, always remember and return to base -- the love base that runs deep down, to the center of the earth... and our selves.

    I always am mindful that these days of intense space-sharing will bring back whistful reflections of listening to "I'm Different, Different, Different, and That's Okay-ay with Me!" on a re-re-recycled loop from Judah's personal digital music player.

    So long you vould get all better and we can all reflect happily together on these days as we move on to further adventures. That's what it's all about!

    Love, da

  6. You look beautiful in this photo!

    How great is it going to be when you have your perfect kitchen?!?!?!?!!