Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On the first night of Hanukkah, my true love gave to me...

First on my wishlist would be enough hair to keep my scalp warm.  Second would be enough eyebrows to make it look like I actually have eyebrows (without additional make up, that is).

He surprised me.  He knew all the words to the first blessing.

Quite delish, if I do say so myself.  However, my tummy feels otherwise at the moment.  I think it was the sour cream.  Maybe I'll try eating another one plain and get back to you.

Seriously, is there anything better than that face on your kid??  Anything??  And all for the cost of a small action figure??  Totally worth it.
The Good:

They played non-holiday music during treatment!  Hmmm.. it almost makes me wonder if someone is reading my blog.... mmm... But, no.  Couldn't be.  The nurse even asked me at the end if the music was okay.  I laughed and said it was better than the holiday stuff, because after 4 weeks of cancer treatment with Jessica Simpson singing Xmas carols, I'm not sure I could ever separate the two again.

Also, I did not have a panic attack during the laser show.  It was super quick (I swear it's almost not worth turning off your engine).  After I changed into my gown, I barely cracked open a magazine before my name was called back to the green room.  The other ladies in waiting were jealous.  Ah-ha. (Sometimes I'm not nice.  It's true.  Just ask my mom.)

Pumped as I was for Hanukkah (any excuse to eat greasy, salty potatoes is fine by me, not to mention the doughnuts for dessert), I was most excited that I had the energy to make my tasty latkes.  I have it down to a science by now and was most pleased to carry on the tradition, even if I couldn't cook them in my new kitchen yet.  Yep.  Still yummers.

The Breathing Room Foundation (thank you Schwartz Family) brought over enough presents yesterday for 3 Hanukkahs.  Although Hanukkah is not quite as big a holiday as Christmas, I am never one to turn down a gift.  Tonight we began opening them.  So far, Judah has gotten a new wooden train, a police jeep and 2 Toy Story action figures.  Fun times!

The Bad:

Our white car died.  Again.  Water pump?  Muffler?  Axel?  (Yes, I am just naming random car parts.) Who the heck knows?

The Ugly:

My skin is so dry (both due to chemo after-effects as well as this rude cold weather we're having in the East), it flakes up just from sleeping.  I put a special creme on (it's supposed to be a moisturizing mask) and just rub it all the way in.  But my face is still hungry for more.  I'm going to have to head back to my lovely aesthetician for another moisturizing facial massage (pronounced mass-ahge).


Today's post is brought to you by the letters C and F (the initials of my fabulously hard working co-teacher who gave me the idea for the format) and the number 32 (how many children are in our class).  I promise, I will return to work.  Eventually.


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