Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wanted: Magic Wand

Bubbe's Best.  Easy to swallow and tastes goooood goin down.
Well, maybe not a magic wand, but remember that time warpy necklace thing (a Time Turner) Hermione had in Prisoner of Azkaban?  I could really go for one of those right about now.  The problem is, I hate the idea of wishing away time.  But things are fairly sucky at the moment.  And since no one has been able to present me with a fast forward button, I'm going for the wand as a second choice.

Kitchen?  Still not done.  In fact, Dan is sanding the ceiling as I type this, paint dust a-flyin all over the place.  Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are still not on, meaning the cabinets and drawers are still empty and all of our cooking equipment is packed away in boxes (or laid out in a mess in the dining room).

Radiation?  Not as bad as chemo, for sure, but it's no walk in the park.  I started to feel some side effects at the end of last week (which just happened to coincide with Judah coming down with a croupy cough and a nasty cold at 3:00 Thursday morning).  Aside from being just generally tired and cranky, I enjoy a sore throat most of the time.  But the weirdest (and most annoying) side effect comes from my esophagus.  When I swallow (food or water), I can feel the matter going down to my stomach.  This also comes with frequent hiccups and burping.  Good times for another 2 weeks, then I can start to recover and begin the waiting game until my March scans.

Hair?  This is the only good news I have to share.  Hair is definitely growing.  I wouldn't say it's long enough to measure with a ruler (or other standard measuring tool), but it's visible, and doing its part to shield my big old head from this nasty, cold, East Coast air.  My hopes are that I will need a haircut by my birthday (still 6 weeks away).  Even then, I'm betting it will be the Emma Watson/Twiggy look.  As long as I have eyebrows to match, you will not hear me complaining.

You'll have to excuse the grumpy tone of this post, but I haven't been out to get coffee yet (and you can imagine that whatever machine/beans we have are sealed tightly in a brown basement box).  I realize my posts are not coming as often as I think about writing them.  My days are spent at either appointments (acupuncture, massage, therapy), at radiation, or doing Judah pick up/drop off.  Oh yeah, then there's the Judah entertainment portion of each day.  This no nap thing is getting old.  I did get him to nap a few times this week, as he needed extra rest.  But unfortunately I did not get to enjoy the same rest as I had to get over to the zapper just as soon as he fell asleep. 

Man, the iPhone rocks.
I did get a chance to visit my school last week, and seeing my co-workers was a much needed pick-me-up.  Dan and I took Judah to his first Christmas party (I think it was his first, anyway), where he met Santa and discovered the deliciousness that is a candy cane.  I can say with certainty that these are moments I do not want to miss (I just need a little caffeine to truly enjoy them).



  1. We'll see what they have (time machine-wise)
    in the catalogs. Look for package!
    Judah's first Santa looks just like mine.
    Except your Dad's beard got so white and long.
    But he's still jolly!
    All the Love, Uncle and GG

  2. I'm liking the look of that soup.
    Sullivan is also not napping, but we are able to maintain about 90 minutes of 'quiet time' during the afternoons when we're here together. He knows he can do something quiet in bed - be it play quietly or look at books, and I get a little time as well. Would he be on board with that? It works for us....
    we'll see you soon...always sending love your way!

  3. Mid-renovation, mid treatment, no naps=grumpiness, best treated with whatever treats go down easy and more of those delicious Judah smiles.Searching for magic wand!!! xoxo