Saturday, July 16, 2011


not quite a green machine.
I finally spoke to both doctors (both Dr. H's) after dropping a copy of my scan off at Abington Hospital yesterday morning.  The impressions are the same:  they believe it is just persistent pneumonitis in my left lung.  According to the report, the infiltrate found a month ago is getting smaller (without treatment, obviously), which indicates it is most likely not a fungal or mycobacterial infection.  But without the final results from the bronchoscopy, Dr. Henry will not treat the inflammation with any meds (such as pukey p).  I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, I am quite relieved.  I don't wanna take the pukey p.  I'd rather have inflammation than infection and most definitely would rather have pneumonitis than cancer.  FO SHO.

On the other hand, I would love to take a pill and feel better.  Yeah, that's not happening. 

When I spoke to Dr. Henry last night, I really enjoyed how he described me: as electric!  Whoo!  I can honestly say I've never been called electric before.  I am still smiling.  He believes I could power a small city with the energy created by all of my anxiety.  Dan's response:  a small city? 

And did I say I was doing a 30 day all green diet?  Oh, that must've been a typo.  I meant to say 3 day all green diet.  I got super hungry today and ate a handful of shredded wheat with almond milk.  I wasn't feeling any better, and I need immediacy.  So while I will still continue to eat all of the greens I bought in preparation for the green-ness to follow, I will probably not be looking like Elphaba come August (unless.... I regain my ability to breath normally and a Broadway casting agent comes looking for an understudy...). 


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  1. Dearie,

    Can't say that I am deeply disappointed that you veered off the All-green-all-the-time Brick Road. Radical change in diet may not be a great thing, even if the new diet were to be a sufficient and sustainable one. I say "may not be", since the idea is based only on intuitive sense and not on science or even personal experience.

    But your wanting to take control and do some dang thing to deal with these lingering symptoms and realistic continuing concerns speaks to your indefatigable strength of character.

    We who love you appreciate that what you have been enduring is nerve-wracking as well as very annoying, both understatements. We appreciate that you are doing all the right things and not letting discouragement get a foothold.

    Keep doing all those empowering and healthy things that you know how to do. You have the blessing and curse of all that intensity, so that energy can and does work for you as well as take the unwelcome form of anxiety.

    This will get better.

    Onwards and upwards!

    Love, da