Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Position

Cuter couch potato at the opposite end of the couch.
The far corner of the living room couch is my favorite spot.  It's got a good view of the TV, the neighbor's window, out the front door, and I'm pretty sure I've worn my rear end's imprint into the cushion by now.  You know by now that I like the familiar.  Sadly, this position is all too familiar at this point.  I am trying to distract myself from all of the not-calling my doctor is doing by watching Glee, Harry Potter and Friends on TiVo.

It's not really working, hence me writing here.

In other news, I must confess, I have started the 30 Day All Green Diet today.  I am sure I'm setting myself up to be the recipient of many rolled eyes and raised eyebrows.  Let me explain.

For the next 29 (woo hoo!) days, I will attempt to eat only green foods (ahem, from nature).  I can have as much as I want, any types, all day every day.  This includes all melons, most fruits and lots of leafy veggies.  Tonight, I ate spinach pasta (somehow allowed on the diet) with broccoli, evoo, and garlic (also permitted).  For dessert, cantaloupe.

So far, the only thing I want to eat that will have to wait is mochi.  I found a really good international supermarket today that had some good-looking sticky rice dough balls (in addition to lots of foods for the green diet).
Photo Booth is not an actual CT scanner. :(

I'm hoping to detox my system, re-balance my digestive tract and bring some (of my own) energy back into my life.  It's nice to focus my energy on something that does not involve willing the phone to ring.



  1. I'm not so sure about a diet of rolled eyes
    and raised eyebrows. But you are definitely
    doing good at distraction.
    Love you so, GG Uncle and Kimi

  2. It is a good season to go on a green diet! Maybe you will discovery new favorite foods!

  3. Dude, that is HARDCORE! Good luck!

  4. green diet!? i will definitely look into so Martha recipes for you. maybe i should give this a try with you!

  5. Bon appetite! Amy

  6. I have a wonderful juice lady who only uses organic ingredients. Let me know if you want her name. She delivers to Tierra Mia. I am into the watermelon and citrus splash, though that might not be legal on your green diet. She does many other juices oh, here's her websitePangaea Earth Foods