Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Hair Day

So I did the Toilet Test with my hair. Fellow crazy sexy cancer survivor (and machatonim), Laura Z. told me to rub my head over the toilet for a few minutes to see if large amounts would fall out. Then I'd be ready for the buzzer. I took the test (and passed) and proceeded to go to the Hair Fairy's (Ilene's) house for a close shave. I was not drugged this time (big mistake) and there were definitely tears involved. The worst part is that because of the glue holding my skin together where the port was implanted, I'm not allowed to shower still, for fear of getting the glue wet. No biggie, it's only 102 degrees outside and I just shaved my head, so it's not like my skin would be sweaty and itchy at all.

We prepared Judah by talking about the Hair Fairy (he is still looking for her) and the special medicine that makes my hair fall out. We had read a kid book before about mommies who have to get special medicine and lose their hair (although now, whenever I ask him if he wants to read a book, his answer is, "Yes, but not a boo boo book."), so I reminded him about it. He liked my new 'do and enjoyed rubbing my head. After dinner, we tried on scarves together (we took turns) and he told me, "It's sooo fuzzy!" Thank goodness for Judah B.


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