Thursday, October 21, 2010

And Now We Wait

Not that this waiting is any different from any of the other waiting we've done in the past (almost) two years.  We've waited to try to get pregnant, waited to find out we weren't, waited for biopsy results, waited for treatment, appointments, bloodwork, kitchen cabinets to be built, and now we wait for scan results.  The last time I had a scan was on a Thursday (I think), and Dr. Henry called late Friday night with the good news so I wouldn't have to think about it all weekend long.  I'm trying not to hold out too much hope that the same thing will happen this time, but it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to hear his voice before Monday.

Today's scans weren't too painful.  No port drama (initially), same nice lady who injected me the last 2 times with radioactive glucose left me in a tiny room to watch My So-Called Life on my iPad, and then 20 minutes in the fancy donut machine.  I only almost-cried twice from the overwhelming anxiety (should've taken an ativan...), and factoring in that I awoke at 5:45 to take the train into Center City alone, I considered that successful.

Once the scans were finished, I went down to the radiology films department to collect discs and reports of my prior scans (which I will take with me on Wednesday when I meet with the newest member of the team, the radiation oncologist).  Surprisingly, they were waiting for me in an envelope, marked with my name, right by the front desk, just as was promised to me when I called last week.  (I have learned that things going smoothly seems to be a rarity in the medical world.  Medicine sure isn't the exact science I'd always assumed it to be.  There's a whole lot more guessing than I ever woulda thunk.) Woot woot for the guy in the records room!

I returned to the Radiology waiting room (a familiar spot by now) to retrieve the disc from today's scan, and use the ladies' room (as my dressing room, to reaffix my wig, which I had removed for the scan for comfort's sake).  It was kind of funny.  I went into the W.C. with a scarf on my head and emerged a Hollywood blonde.  The older man sitting by the door smiled when I opened the door looking so very put together (tee hee).  The disc was ready within minutes of my breakfast snack consumption (in the hallway, so as not to tempt the other "waiters" with my creamy yogurt shake and crunchy almond biscotti), and I headed towards my doctor's office for vitamin D bloodwork and a flu shot.

On my way out of the hospital, I ran into Dr. Henry, where I showed him the gift I'd brought him (a classic SU2C shirt he can wear while playing tennis) and reminded him I'd just come from my scan (HINT: look for my report and call me ASAP, man!).  I checked in at the main reception area, they put me into the system and told me to go across the hall to the chemo unit for my shot.  I followed their directions and found myself smack dab in the middle of .... a baby shower!  Too funny.  Good thing I was able to laugh it off as the nurse on the chemo side told me to go back to the main desk for my lab work.  FOR REAL?? 

I went back to the main desk, they eventually called me back to take a small vial of blood and de-access my port (but not before dripping blood on my new tank top, thank you very much).  The nurse walked me over to the chemo unit to make sure I got the shot (instead of getting sent back again to the main desk, as is known to happen).  Baby shower was over, shot burned going in, I breathed and then got the heck outta there.

Made my way over to therapy (next building over from the doctor's office) where I shared with my doctor my latest frustrations, shed a few tears (okay, more than a few), and left feeling a tad lighter than when I entered.

Next stop, Chapterhouse, my favorite coffee shop in our old neighborhood, Bella Vista, where they make so much more than coffee.  I enjoyed a super deelicious rice milk/banana/mexican chocolate spices shake, half of an olive tuna panini and a peach-yolk pastry thingy for the road.  Looking at the time, I noticed I had to hussle to make my pedicure appointment at 12 pm. 

Yes, that is correct, it is finally time for the feet professionals to step in.  I avoided the salons all summer because of risk of infection (some of those girls are just too happy with the cuticle cutters), but now that chemo is over and (hopefully) my white cell count returning to normal, I concluded my feet were long overdue for a good soak, scrub, rub and polish.  My fairy godmother (thank you Joyce!) found me an organic nail place (with a fabulous girl who knows how to use honey and cornmeal to moisturize and exfoliate) and I will forever be grateful.  I was pampered and had a chance to relax with a full tummy, lovely music, yummy (nontoxic) smells and no time constraints (Judah's grandmother was left in charge and I had no parking meter to feed).

After a trip to Anthropologie to fondle every bowl, glass, and chatchke in their home department, and a quick stop at DiBruno Bros. for beverage treat #2, I hopped on a train back home.  Phew.  Big day and like I said before, now we wait.  Will post with results as soon as I have some.  Until then, I will try to distract myself with the NLCS Game 5.  Although it almost makes me more anxious than thinking about the scans.  Go Phils!



  1. Get'em Mia!...and Go Phils!
    We Love You, GG and Uncle

  2.'re sounding almost super-human (altho' I'm sure just "human" would suit you just fine!!). Ahhhhhh, radiation oncologists - - - they're the BEST!!! I actually looked FORWARD to my twice-a-day, every day, appointments for CAT Scans & ratty-tat-tat port injections. Being swiped with a geiger counter is kinda fun, too. I gave my RO the S2B (Save 2nd Base) tee shirt. He totally loved it!!!!
    This stage is so exciting for you - almost the light at the end of the tunnel. Your journey has been a personal experience for all of us on Team MammaMia :) As always, sending you prayers for strength & peace.

  3. thinking of you Mia and hoping you hear that GREAT news from your doc SOON!!!!!!!