Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Busy, Busy

Let the scanxiety begin.  Tomorrow I have my first CT/PET scans since July and I am doing everything in my power to not think about them.  As much as I have wanted to fast forward to tomorrow, and then to next Wednesday's appointment with the new doctor, I still get heart palpitations when I think about the possibilities and uncertainties that lie ahead.

To distract myself, I have done everything from visit my kids at school to laundry (and lots of it) to washing dishes, shopping (Ikea, even!!), replacing shower curtains, baking (pesto pizza and zucchini oatmeal raisin muffins), reading (Little Bee and The Hunger Games, both oh so uplifting - NOT) and also laundry (did I mention that already?).  Now you can also add blogging to that list.  The three hours that Judah spends in school each morning seems to fly by, especially on mornings that I get to visit the chiropractor or get a massage, but he is such a good companion when we are together, it's hard to complain.  He gives me kisses on the back of my hands as we're crossing the street. 

Our first conversation this morning:
Judah:  I had good dreams, Mommy.
Me:  I'm so glad to hear that, Judah B.  What did you dream about?
Judah: You.

I am looking forward to seeing good friends on Saturday as well as the Light the Night Walk (for which Team Mama Mia successfully raised over $1,000!!  Woo HOO!).  I am hoping I can walk the 2 miles without a problem, since we don't have a stroller big enough for me (I've lost weight, but not that much).  I've wanted to do some training (ha ha ha) this week, but I'm not allowed to do anything that might affect my muscles prior to the scans.

Since we raised $1,000, LLS sent us a banner to decorate and carry during the walk.  I didn't know quite what to do with all that empty space, so I brought it to school yesterday and asked all of my kids to sign it, using my fancy, brightly colored permanent markers (a treat, for sure).  They did a great job and I think, now, feel like a true part of my team.  And they really have been.  I love seeing their smiling faces when I go to visit school.  They don't treat me any differently (i.e. same silly behaviors, chattiness, calling out, etc. as always), even though I've been out sick.  Though they don't know it, I really appreciate that.  I love feeling normal again, even if it's just for an hour or two.  I read D for Democracy (so THERE, NYT article about how slow picture book sales are! Read sad article here. Plus, look for my letter to the editor coming soon.) and they asked a lot of excellent questions about the upcoming election, wars, political parties, Uncle Sam...  And then I attempted to teach them the differences between your/you're and their/there/they're.  At least I can honestly tell their 5th grade teachers I tried.

Next Monday, 10/25/10, will be our 2nd triannual Team Mama Mia Appreciation Day.  More coming on the planned festivities.  Hopefully, this will also coincide with our Kitchen Remodel Day 1, so I will post pictures as the kitchen morphs from the inside of a bright blue egg to a lovely place to cook.  At the moment, It is looking pretty bare, sans cabinets and countertops.  We still have a working sink and stove, so we're staying here at our house until this weekend when we will make the move to my parents' house (aren't they the lucky ones?) while we lose all functional parts of the kitchen. 

The good news is that even with all that's going on, I have been able to fall asleep (a few times) without chemical assistance.  So perhaps I'm less anxious than I think.  Or else I have found a really really good therapist.  Either way, stay tuned for scan results, pictures from the LLS Walk and other potentially irrelevant details of my daily life.



  1. Have we talked about my favorite laundry detergent? It's called Charlie's Soap and it is the one part of the whole horrible laundry conveyor belt that makes me happy. Yes, detergent has the power to make me happy. (the company has given me free detergent in the past for all of my positive boosterism, so I'm not sure if I've sung it's praises to you before. If so, sorry! If not, hop online!)


  2. Sweetheart, we love 'irrelevant' details!
    Love, GG and Uncle Larry

  3. You are amazing Mia! Thinking of you!!

  4. Judah was adorable today, chomping on animal crackers. :) Loved the surprise of seeing you and him!

    Best part of this post: those kisses-on-mommy's-hands and that sweet little announcement of good dreams about you.

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow. Hope your scanxiety doesn't get in the way of a good night's sleep.

    Can't wait to see kitchen pictures!!

  5. You put me to shame! As you're having those scans,what better to think of than all the visions of delight that Judah has given you? As you say, the very best medicine. And we'll set the Dervishes spinning, wrapping you in their magic.

  6. Mia I am rooting for you! Yeh! for Judah who brings you sunshine no matter what the weather brings. Waiting to hear the good news, thinking positive and sending you my healing thoughts!!!! love you, Rabia