Friday, February 18, 2011


Since I am staying true to my facebook fast, I figured I would update the state of Diamond Dansky Blitstein affairs here. Many of you know my dear mother and chose to vote (many of you on a daily basis) for her photograph in Shutterfly's Eye of the Beholder contest. The votes were to get her into the top 10 (out of 4,000-some pictures). Then, a panel of judges assessed those ten photos and chose a winner.

Well, I am tickled to announce that they did indeed choose my mother's beautiful photo of the Malibu sunset reflected in the waters of the Pacific!!

She is the grand prize winner!! What, you might be wondering, is the grand prize? Well, an all-expenses paid trip for 4 to Hawaii!

So until she decides who she's taking on her grand prize trip, I simply extend a giant Thank You to all of you dedicated voters out there who remembered to login and click on the link!! Can you believe those things are for real? And on top of being for real, my actual mom won?! I mean, she was always a winner in our book, but now it's totally official!


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  1. How perfectly put. They just made it official that Yona is a winner. They couldn't have picked a anyone better!!!