Thursday, February 17, 2011

See What Blossoms

Can you believe this is growing in my house?  I think it's the first non-cactus plant that I have been able to keep alive.
The past week has been full of ups and downs. 

- attending the For Pete's Sake Cancer Respite Foundation Beach Ball Gala at the Crystal Tea Room (so fancy)
- met the Phillie Phanatic (although, after the week-long Disney experience, seeing "characters" doesn't have quite the same thrill)
- taking 2 yoga classes (and participating heavily!)
- following through on my 2010 new year's resolution to get off of facebook
- hearing Judah tell me he completed "a obstacle course" at school
- lovely acupuncture (x2)
- lovely reflexology massage
- receiving our Disney photobook from shutterfly in the mail
- tasting supa dupa onion rings at PYT
- working on a new sewing pattern (for a handbag) with my mom (when I write working with, I mean watching my bag be made)
- not 1 but 2 new episodes of 30 Rock
- discovering 27 new messages in my voicemail
- growing (not killling) an amaryllis (I bet you it blooms tomorrow!)
- 1 week closer to the big PET scan

- continuing shortness of breath/lung inflammation
- developing a new weird and unexplained skin sensation (like a sunburn without the sunburn) that may or may not be shingles (we are on a watch and wait status - the nurse's exact words were: Let's just see what blossoms...)
- hearing a doctor say, "Well, I can't say with certainty that you don't have MS, but this would be an atypical presentation."  Uh... okaaay.
- seeing my Penna Hosp therapist for the last time (no worries, I have a new, local therapist)
- discovering AT&T was hiding 27 new messages from me
- having to leave a friend's house to go see the doctor (focaccia?  good.  homemade soup?  good.  heart-shaped melty cookies? soooo good.)
- realizing I'm not going back to work any time soon
- updating my iPad changed the purpose of the screen-lock switch to be a mute button. boo.
- still have friggin cancer (as far as I know)

I will elaborate on many of these and more in the coming posts.  For now, to bed.


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  1. I'm betting that what blooms will be annoying but not long term. Love a dr that blabs everything that crosses his medical- directory-of-a-mind. Reminds me of the dr we saw when Kaley was four weeks old who informed us she needed emergency hernia surgery. He blabbed away about all possibilities... one of them couldn't be eliminated until adolescence. And it proved to be absurdly incorrect. Many many hugs