Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Livin It Up

Any guesses?  Post yours in a comment below.
Many people have asked me how I'm feeling now that treatment is over.  I am here to tell you there are still side effects (especially when you're in the top 2%) that just can't get enough of me.

The biggie we're currently dealing with is pneumonitis (Neumann!), inflammation of the lung, as a result of radiation.  The treatment (should your case be severe enough to require it) consists of steroids, so I said: thanks but no thanks.  We all know what happens to me on anything affecting my adrenal glands.  It's not pretty.  Instead, I'm trying to use vitamins, diet and acupuncture to reduce the inflammation.  Plus, I'm hoping it doesn't lead to something called pulmonary fibrosis, which I'm told, is a condition I do not want to have.  The real downside to this pneumonitis business is that I really need to avoid getting sick or irritating my lungs further.  This is not so easy when you live with a 3 1/2 year old.  Who goes to preschool.  And it's the middle of winter.
How sad is the swollen eyelid?

As if to underscore this impossible task, my typing was interrupted by a coughing spell so hard that it induced vomiting upstairs in the little man's room.  Dan and I swooped in to the rescue - Dan to the sheets and me to the child.  Aaah.  The joys of being a sick parent to a (differently) sick child.

I swear, I need a sneeze guard on my dinner plate.  The boogie boy has been coughing like a madman since Friday night (at 2 am).  Luckily, the cough has gotten slightly looser, but now of course that the congestion is moving north towards the head, the snot is moving south out of the nose.  I'm trying not to be a germophobe, and my skin is already super dry (as a result of this neverending winter, constant handwashing, and from treatment) but I really really really don't want to get sick(er).

Atypical lunch.  Exotic veggie Sarcone's = v good.
In regards to my diet, I've been trying to eat healthy (I type as my husband asks from the kitchen, "Are you coming to get the rum cake or not?).  By healthy, I mean a strict morning regimen of my multivitamins (shut up - I swear these gummies are for adults!), caltrate with extra vitamin D, fish oil and 1/4 cup of aloe juice (gag) chased with 1/2 cup of OJ.  I have my greek yogurt with granola and a bit of agave drizzled on top for breakfast and maybe a cup of tea and a toasted banana crunch muffin for a mid morning snack.  For lunch, I have a bowl of soup or some yums from Jules (whole wheat salad pizza, anyone?), or a big spinach salad with greek goddess dressing or goat cheese and nuts sprinkled on top.  Afternoon snack often consists of dips (I'm currently obsessed with this mexican dip from WF) or hummus on something crunchy.  Typical dinner: Israeli couscous (with mushrooms and onions, plus turmeric to reduce inflammation), steamed cruciferous veggie (such as cauliflower or broccoli) and broiled marinated salmon.

Green is good.
This is not to say that I did not majorly indulge during my birthday week(s) - the actual day was only a week ago anyway - everything in moderation, right?  That includes cupcakes and toffee too?  But I am trying to drink lots of tea (specifically Yogi raspberry leaf) when I've got the urge for something greasy, salty, chocolatey or all of the above.  I definitely feel better about myself when I'm eating veggies and drinking green smoothies (once again, I will send you over to chapterhouse, this time for a feel good banana, rice milk, honey and spirulina smoothie).  Since I'm not "in treatment", I consider my food intake to be my medicine.  At the very least, it makes me feel like I'm doing something to contribute to my wellness.



  1. Our contribution-- not so green- to your diet is enroute. Let's just call it an interlude between the aloe juice (isn't that rubbed on skin?) and a spirulina smoothie. But mostly organic!

  2. Nori! Possibly from Trader Joe's.

  3. I can only *hope* it's nori, and not the frozen residue of Boogie Boy's boogers scraped from the car window. No, I'm sure you would be wearing latex gloves if it were the latter, because based on this richly specific report you are thankfully taking very careful care of your health.

    Love, da

  4. Out here in Oregon, that ain't Nori. But it IS
    legal! We are looking into some of your dietary
    choices, sweetie. We wanna feel better about
    our selves, too.
    Love from (wayout) west, GG and Uncle