Monday, February 21, 2011

Buzz Buzz

We have been quite the busy bees this weekend. Since Friday night, we've been bopping around, celebrating good news from Philadelphia to New Jersey and back again. Last night was the first night in a while that we had a babysitter (not my parents) over to watch Judah while we went OUT. This sitter was not a new one, but she hadn't been here in close to 9 months, so Judah was a little anxious (to say the least). After finishing his dinner (with a little added "tear salt"), he decided that in order to avoid the sitter altogether, he would rather me put him to bed an hour early. So, fine. He was extra cooperative and no tears were shed when I said goodnight. He was up "at sparrow's fart" this morning, but stayed in bed until seven oh oh, as usual. Dan marvels at just how clever he is, and also stubborn, to willingly give up chocolate and playtime in favor of a bedtime with mommy. Oh, my little mama's boy.

We, the adults, also had a successful evening (although with not quite as much slumber as J-man), out to dinner with fabulous friends. Gooooood food! Goooooood friends! I did drink a glass of wine. Aas in ONE. Then woke up this morning with a pounding headache. It seems as though I'm not meant to imbibe in this manner.

Now, I'm thrilled to be typing on my brand new, clickety clacking wireless keyboard. It was a birthday present from some loving family members, and now I can use the iPad to compose blog posts (although I'm still at a loss for adding pictures from here). Out with the 7 year old laptop and in with new and improved technology. Apple sure does have a good thing goin here.


I thought I would elaborate (as promised) on a few of the past week's ups and downs. Certainly looking forward to a free trip to Hawaii!! Go MOMMY! We are all kvelling (and really enjoying the looks on people's faces when we tell them) and fantasizing about Waikiki Beach.

I have an appointment with my radiation oncologist this week to check in and check out a few of my latest developments. Will ask about my weird invisible shingles (I know, I know, there is no such thing.), the pneumonitis (it continues to bother me...) and tell him all about our trip to Disney (he's an avid For Pete's Sake supporter).

Speaking of For Pete's Sake, I should mention that they invited us to attend their yearly Gala at the Crystal Tea Room (in the Wanamaker building) as VIP guests last weekend! Dan and I went and had a lovely evening. Did a little dancing, a lot more eating, and much talking and hand-shaking. It was great to see so many people donate money (through both a live and silent auction) to support this great cause. I hope many other families are able to have such an incredible experience and I pledged to do whatever I am able to help make that possible. To start, we are going to participate (health depending) in their next fundraiser, a Walk at Citizen's Bank Park on APril 10th. Mark your calendars, you can come too. You get to run the bases on the field!! Plus, all of the funds raised go towards sending other families dealing with cancer on respite vacations (not just to Disney, but to other locations all up and down the East Coast and beyond).

Currently, I am quite busy with using our functional kitchen for yummy (and mostly healthy) food prep (made a roasted eggplant spread tonight), attending playdates with Judah, trying to keep the house neat and tidy, and working on multiple sewing projects (both "with" my mom aka watching her work with the fabric and pattern I bought, and without). I'm definitely busy enough with appointments (last week I went to acupuncture twice!) and trying to build strength by taking yoga once a week. All of this to create a sense of normalcy and try to forget that the big scan looms.


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  1. For a gal with pneumonitis and invisible shingles, you sure are busy and industrious! I wish Yona lived nearby so we could "collaborate" on projects-- although I think you're actually learning by watching while I'd simply marvel. Judah is such a clever fella-- and what's wrong with being a Momma's boy? I'm accused of turning Casey, the pooch, into a Mama's boy while he'd describe it as "filled with admiration" for the person who most frequently feeds and walks him.XOXO