Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 4, One Day Late

It was a very happy mother's day.
I really did write this list yesterday, I swear.  But Blogger was doing some maintenance, blah blah blah and I couldn't post it.  Thus, I am posting Day 4 list when it is really Day 5.

Last night I was grateful for…

1.     Feeling well.  At this time last year, I was really really itchy.  I did not want to spend time outside as it made the itchies worse. 
2.     A refrigerator full of food.  Did I mention I like to be prepared?
3.     Good things to look forward to.  We still have yet to celebrate Judah’s birthday (officially) and then there’s that Hawaii trip…
4.     Friends who are family.  It’s really nice to talk to someone who understands you.
5.     Family who are friends.  It’s really nice to talk to someone who understands you.  Oh wait, did I write that already?  Well, it’s still true.
6.     My child’s voice.  Fee Fi Fo Thumb… Every day I love listening to what he has to say.  I hope he always feels his words are valued.
7.     Family.  I am very lucky to live close to my parents, who have been and continue to be essential to my recovery.  Delicious dinners, babysitting and especially moral support – I can’t imagine doing this without them.


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