Friday, May 13, 2011

Thank Goodness

True love.
I'm running out of ways to title my gratitude posts.  Suggestions, anyone?

At this moment I am grateful for...

1.  My kitchen aid mixer.  It is my third hand in the baking world.
2.  My kitchen aide (husband).  We are such a good team.  You should have seen us clean up tonight.
3.  Cousins!!
4.  The grill.  Much less to clean up.
5.  Green.  We are having such a payoff from this year's April showers in our neighborhood.  Everything is blooming and growing like mad.  It's a wonderful time to live in the suburbs (remind me I said this when marching band season strikes up again). 

I realize much of this revolves around food and the house, but then, so does my life.



  1. the "Name This" challenge! Actually, when I read your "Thank Goodness" title, I read it as "thanking goodness". I like that. Goodness in this world needs some positive hype and sincere recognition!!

    :) G

  2. How about these titles for your list
    1. warm fuzzies
    2. Things that rock
    3. Yummy goodness

    Glad you have happy things to talk about!