Monday, May 9, 2011


Fancy Familia
A large part of the Mind Body Intelligence class has focused on compassion (for yourself as well as for others), loving kindness (maitri) and gratitude.  We have practiced an equanimity exercise, where we go around the room and share one thing in our lives that is easy to be grateful for and one thing that is difficult that we are grateful for.  Or, sometimes, it's just one thing we are grateful for right now, at this present moment. 

Some days this is more challenging than others, finding something (beyond the glaringly obvious) to remember to appreciate.  And I think those are the times it's more important to dig deep and verbalize the amazing blessings many of us are lucky enough to receive - like good health, finding love, having a job, growing hair.  I think it has the power to help me keep perspective for when the going gets rough. 

So I thought I would begin a gratitude log.  Each day for the next week, I will come up with at least 5 things I am grateful for (it can be more).  I will post them here and I encourage you to try it also, either privately or feel free to post in the comments section.

Tonight, I am grateful for...

1. completing the meditation class.  I really did learn a lot about myself and about how to let my body and my breath lead the way.
2.  hummus.  I never met a hummus I didn't like. 
3.  a tidy house.  I always feel better after the countertop is wiped down.
4.  my roommates (both 2 and 4 legged).  I love typing away while listening to the sleeping breath rhythm coming from different sides of my bedroom.
5.  time.  I am so lucky that I have the time that I need to heal from this past year.  There are many (too many) people dealing with cancer who do not - financially or otherwise - have that freedom.  I don't want to call it a luxury because it's really a necessity.

Okay, your turn.



  1. Have you read Simple Abundance? The author was on the radio recently for the book's 10th anniversary and it made me want to start a gratitude journal. I bought a notebook but haven't started yet.

  2. Been keeping a gratitude journal since we saw it on Oprah in high school - reading them back - especially YEARS later - still makes me smile, cry, laugh. You are in mine frequently - I hope when you are desperate for some gratitude I can supply it for you, too. :) xoxo

  3. WOw - I just read your last 5 entries backwards and I feel moved. It is important to focus on the good- one bad thing can tip a day in a bad direction. I think about this when I am teaching everyday- one problem first period I have to let go of it before the next class.
    To join your list- I am grateful for
    -my husband and perfect daughter (especially when they are dancing or wrestling together)
    - a job that I love
    - clay to throw
    - that you are healthy
    -my friend Julie who has been cancer free for 2 years now
    -family and friends who never give me crap and tell me I am wonderful when I have bad days
    - I have everything that I need
    - spell check
    -the fact that this list could go on forever!