Thursday, August 19, 2010


Enjoy below a series of pictures from yesterday.

Having my port accessed and flushed... All clean and ready for the magic poison.

I am eating a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes, hoping the nutritionist will choose this moment to check in, but no dice. I'm trying to fill my tummy before the truly nauseating stuff kicks in.

Rachel arrives before my massage! I am still mostly conscious (also pre-benadryl and ativan) and very happy to see her.

I am now post massage/benadryl/ativan and finding it very difficult to keep my eyes open. I am receving adriamycin (the red stuff in the vile - also known as hydroxyldaunorubicin, or the H in R-CHOP) which causes the hair loss and also red pee!

In summation, I fell asleep and made it through the rest of my drips and pushes (a push drug is one that the nurse injects into your port or IV, a drip is in a bag and gets mixed with the saline to dilute the potential immediate side effects). I was super sleepy all the way home and definitely not in the mood for the music we had playing en route to the clinic in the morning (Wicked soundrack helps me get pumped for the main event - picture Rocky before a fight).

I came home and promptly sank into my chaise (stay tuned for yes, a second posting today) and remained there (except for a few trips to the bathroom) until bedtime.

This morning, I woke up, had my early bowl of cinnamon toast crunch and took my meds (I am so thankful for modern medicine and sugar cereals). Judah went to camp after his morning TV in our bed, and I am now busy as a bee typing all of this up after my traditional breakfast of 2 over-medium eggs and a slice of rye toast with cinnamon and sugar.

As you can see, I continue to be the poster child for nutritious eating. Blah blah blah. I said, I will deal with the juicer when I'm done with the pushes and drips. For now, I am staying hydrated and buying stock in lemon drops.



  1. Eat whatever makes you happy and not sick!

  2. Yo, Adrian. Get 'em, Champ.
    One round at a time.
    We love You, GG and Larry