Thursday, August 12, 2010

Identification, Please?

Yesterday evening, after a delicious (and nutritious) meal of Five Guys burgers and fries, I managed to sneak in a little shopping (don't tell Dan). It was for Judah, anyway, like most things I buy, and it was just a little blue Bethany Beach t-shirt. I brought it up to the register (where of course, I managed to somehow resist the thousands of Silly Bandz on display) and handed the girl my credit card. For security reasons, I have "ASK FOR ID" written on the back of my card and so she complied.

I pulled out my driver's license and she awkwardly looked at the picture of me and then at my face. I couldn't help but wonder if she could even see a resemblance. Even I have a tough time. After all, that picture was taken in January of this year, when I had hair and probably a bit more color in my face. And it's weird because it doesn't even feel like that's me. What do other people in this situation do? Do they have temporary IDs? I have to consider this all temporary, but if I let my eyes linger on the word for too long, I begin to wonder about what life will be like a few months from now, post-chemo. One day at a time, right? And I'm supposed to be relaxing.


Since writing the above portion, I have been sitting here on the couch, trying to navigate my husband (driving down to join us for the feeding frenzy) through the state of Maryland by phone. Do all men wait until they are in the wrong state to ask for directions? He'll probably kill me for writing about this, but seriously, at what point on Rte. 95 does it begin to dawn on a person that he's headed for Virginia (South of Maryland- which is south of Delaware)?

At least we have plenty of caramel corn to keep us awake until he does finally arrive. Today was a day of indulging. Started off with a trip to the Penguin Diner for breakfast, where we did experience something (I consider) monumental.

Judah wrote his name for the first time.

Granted the letters were backwards and written from right to left (he does have Israeli roots), but he did it (see photo below)! And then, I stupidly (let's blame it on chemo-brain) left the paper at the diner.

Post-nap, we took him to the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk and after he rode on all of the 3 year old-appropriate rides (photos from actual camera to be posted later), I showed him how a professional plays Whac-a-mole. I must say, I have not lost my touch (yes, it's true, I was only playing against my mom, but still, I did score a 250!). I won him a little pink velour pig to go with the fuzzy stuffed mini-bug he won on the "Everyone's a Winner" magnetic fishing game. In its entirety, the outing was $8 well spent (and we still have leftover ride tickets).

The Rehoboth boardwalk did not have a DB's Fries, but I decided to do a Thrasher's/DB's taste test so as to satisfy my FF hunger on the spot. Since it was pouring rain, we did not get a picture, but I have plans to shove as many french fries as possible into my mouth during the second portion of the taste test tomorrow. Will take photos.

I am on vacation, and thus needed to get away from cancer, so to supplement my trashy magazines (purely for beach reading, I assure you) I searched for the funniest memoirs I could find. And boy did I find. If you haven't already discovered Bitter is the New Black (by Jen Lancaster), I highly recommend it. I almost peed in my pants a number of times. Very distracting and far away from the intensity of my life at the moment.

Last week, I was saying that if these cancer research foundations really wanted to do some immediate good for cancer patients, they would find a way to allow someone else (let's call said charitable person George) to take over having the cancer for a week or two. Give a patient a chance to feel normal for a minute while George manages, knowing it's only temporary, then transfer all of the evil cells back into original patient's body to resume the good fight. George won't be harmed (in fact, he'll probably have a better appreciation for his own health) and the patient has a better chance of survival, having had a brief vacay. I bet they could use magnets or something.



  1. The only problem-- "george" gotta be tough,
    like you. That is not a widespread personality trait.
    But, through this blog, you are adding to people's ability to empathize with such a predicament like you are in.
    And then they WILL maybe give some $
    to SU2C,I mean given the choice,
    it's a heckuva lot easier to write a check.
    Give a kiss to "haduj" for us!
    Love, GG and Uncle

  2. First,it is true that the photos on my IDs show a woman with hair, but since my hair lives a totally independent existence, the picture rarely matches the person standing at the register. Identification might be improved by the sleeker, easy-to-manage,hair-free look.

    Second, I love hearing that you're happily munching on burgers and fries. What a difference from those unappetizing Days 7,8, and 9.

    Third, the George concept is brilliant. If there's a way to launch the "George Project," maybe we all could cash in on the idea and hire "George" to take over our lives for a recharge.

    And as for Haduj, BRAVO JUDAH! A milestone accomplishment. And I can't spell my three-letter name backwards without some heavy thinking.

  3. DaveNJnews@gmail.comAugust 14, 2010 at 7:44 PM

    Men usually wait until they are off by at least 2 states to ask for directions.

    Hope you are enjoying your trip. We usually get to Dewey Beach every year, but this has been the summer without a vacation.

    dave cohen

  4. If you can 'down' a Five Guys are SOOO on your way to recovery :) Judah writing his name???? Thank you, God, for inventing cameras 'cuz many of us leave the evidence behind!!! Poor Dan - - - sailing along on I-95 totally clueless and in a blissful state. Actually - - - it's infinitely easier to get to Rehoboth/Bethany from MD than going thru DE. Take it from me - - - I live here :)
    Looking fwd to your next "Day 7 Greeting". Have a great time at the beach.

  5. I love Bitter is the new black- quality is am important part of vacation for sure! Sounds like a great trip.