Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Over

My 3 year old now has silly bandz. I was having a difficult time dealing with this fact yesterday when he came home from camp wearing them. After all, he is still a baby! Okay, he's not exactly a baby anymore, but he's my baby. I was enjoying that last little bit of control - over his wardrobe. I do all the purchasing and the daily picking out of outfits and I thought we could avoid fads for just a few more years (months, even?). Boy, was I wrong. He is so proud of those stupid things. He takes them off, looks at them lovingly, then puts them back on quite methodically (he only has 4). He asked for them when we came back from the beach this morning, when I was hoping he would have forgotten all about them...

At the moment, he is napping, so we are all blessed with the peace that only comes at naptime (except for the noise of the poor morons cutting stone across the canal in 95 degree heat). He came down with a fever yesterday afternoon, shortly after we arrived at the beach, and has had it off and on ever since. He even asked to come back from the beach this morning, so we know he really wasn't feeling well. Hopefully, whatever little bug he has will pass quickly so we can get him to the boardwalk and begin on the eating frenzy that is vacation.

On a separate note, the kitchen process is underway and the latest update I have from Dan (who is still back home and plans to join us here on Thursday or Friday) is that we are going to have custom cabinets made by our contractor/carpenter, so the installation is now pushed back to September. This will give us (me) more time to make decisions, since I will be able to go out and see things during my next 3rd week of the treatment cycle.

I am still fatigued (took a nice nap this afternoon) and have a hard time standing for a while (especially in the heat), but all in all, I am light years better than last week at this time. For today, the biggest dilemma I have is deciding where to go for dinner (that won't smell too nasty - still a bit sensitive in the stomach department).

Speaking of the 3rd meal of the day, here are a few of Judah's funniest recent responses when we ask him what he wants to do for dinner:

-In the car on the way home from a farm, "How about Zahav?"
-Last night, while watching Harry the Dirty Dog video, "I don't know, tortellini or sometin?"
-This morning, at the beach, he suggested, "Maybe a restaurant?"

He always keeps us entertained.



  1. don't worry, tootsie......................he will still be your baby in 20something years and beyond. I wish the only thing I had to get used to had been those stupid silly bandz. Don't you remember wearing those truly gross plastic "charm necklaces' when you were in (?) middle school???? Yikes.
    Great picture; looks like a NJ beach. Are your amazing parents with you????
    Every respite is a good one :)

  2. Well, obviously the very next phase
    will lead to a line of JQ for boys and
    men. He has fine taste in silly bandz!
    Well, it's not for nothin', genes he
    got. We see so many memories of
    young beautiful Jewish boys, and their mom
    when we see you. And a future full
    love and learning about the world.
    Also, he's got a shane punim.
    love from way out west, GG and Uncle Larry

  3. Cute photo of Judah. Enjoy the rest of your time down the shore.