Sunday, August 29, 2010

Team Mia Appreciation Day

I've got the Emmy's on, and aside from the Jimmy Fallon-induced smiles, I am mostly just listening to all of the winners' acceptance speeches.  Which leads me to the only way to follow up a (yet incomplete) compilation of chemo/cancer side effects: with a post about gratitude. 

I hereby declare tomorrow, August 30, 2010, the first (tri-annual) Team Mama Mia Appreciation Day.

I have been working these past few weeks at recuperating from my 4th dose of magical toxins while my friends and family have been faithfully calling, sending cards and emails and texts and packages, cooking/sending/bringing meals, driving me to and from doctors' appointments/hospitals/scans/acupuncture treatments/massages, picking up random food cravings (including trips to multiple supermarkets) and prescriptions, taking care of Judah (this deserves it's own special day), tickling my back, recording my medications, washing dishes, cleaning bathtubs, walking Mooshu, keeping me company, working on a live cancer show, listening to me, giving me advice, babysitting, making me laugh until I (almost?) pee in my pants, sleeping in air conditioning (even on perfectly cool nights, according to those with competent internal thermometers), waiting on me into the wee hours of the morning, telling me I'm beautiful, tolerating my moods, suggesting foods or NOT discussing foods (whichever is more appropriate at the moment in question), staying overnight in the hospital with me, fetching nurses for me, answering phones, making smoothies, crying with me, laughing with me, pushing me to do healthy things when I have no desire or energy to do so, worrying about me, praying for me, letting me wallow in misery (or sometimes not), running baths, wiping feverish sweats with clean washcloths, popping popcorn, giving me injections, singing songs, cheering me on while I swallow abnormally large pills, and more. 

It's you who bring me comfort in the fact that while none of this cancer was planned or welcomed, I am truly one of the lucky ones.  I have an enormous amount of emotional and physical support and I will get through this because of that support.

Although there will be no candy-filled coffee mugs or keychains with thoughtful puns handed out, tomorrow, as you go about your business, whether you're going in to set up your classroom, or you're stuck in traffic on your way home from work, please know I'm thinking of you. 

Though I can't name everyone individually, I want to make sure you all know - including the major players who are with me 24/7 as well as the wonderfully persistent members of my fan club (who always leave positive comments and are keeping Hallmark in business), and those of you who I hadn't heard from in 10+ years, but who contacted me to share your concern and offer words of encouragement - how important you are to me.  You done good.  And by the way, keep it comin, cause I'm not done yet.

Thank you.



  1. True that and peace out, sweet.
    love, GG, Larry

  2. And please know that even though some of us are quieter than others, you're never far from our thoughts! In other words, Team Mia is bigger than you know :) Hugs, Cate

  3. we love you so much mia!! and we have seriously the biggest lemon we have ever seen sitting on our counter waiting to be sent to you! if you are still interested in lemons that is : ) not to mention all the stamps coming your way! i hope you had (or will soon have) fun at the paper source opening!

    lots of love and kisses, Kaley

  4. Proud to be a member of such a dynamo of a team! Room 6 awaits your arrival!!