Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reigning Supreme

I hereby crown myself Queen of All Ridiculous Side Effects and Neverending Post-Treatment Ridiculousness.

After Sunday's trip to the ER, where I was told I have pneumonia, I was prescribed Augmentin, to supposedly treat said pneumonia.  And I would say, about 24 hours after starting the pills, I felt improvement in my breathing.  However.  I took the ct scan disk with me to see Dr. Henry (for my 3 month check up) and he takes a look and disagrees with the pneumonia diagnosis.  For now, I am on the antibiotic until tomorrow morning, by when he will have had his radiologist look at the scan and give his take on it.

Well, that was the plan anyway, until I started to have an allergic reaction to the augmentin (continued rash, bad headache, weird itching...).  Good times.  No augmentin for me tonight.

Newest development in the post-treatment effects saga:  I have now been diagnosed with LPR (reflux without the hearburn - the acid travels back up into your throat instead! whoopee) and will be back on my acid reducer as of tomorrow morn.  Can't wait to see what side effects those bring.  In order to give me this diagnosis, my new ENT had to put a little scope up my nose and into my throat.  Prior to that, he gave me some novocain to numb my nasal cavity.  Imagine my "are you serious" look with a v long q-tip stickin out my nostril.  It's just too pathetic a picture to post on here (but I did send it to Dan).

I so miss the days of trusting doctors and medicine to make me feel better.  Hell, I miss the days of feeling better altogether.  I have to believe it will all get better.  I'd be really great, though, if it could get better faster.  Cause Lord knows I'm running out of patience.  Tomorrow is D-Day (also known as Diagnosis Day).  1 year since Dr. Henry called me (around 9:30 pm) to tell me the 3rd pathology lab had finally given a definitive diagnosis on my biopsy sample:  Primary Mediastinal Large B Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  (Well, all he actually told me was the NON-Hodgkins part, so I knew what kind of chemo I'd be receiving the next day).

Hallelujah - one year later and I'm still here...

I am hoping that tomorrow will bring some better answers and a clearer head.


ps. we love photobooth.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photobooth cuddling...
    I hope it helps to sustain you through the continued waiting period. Sending hugs!

  2. I want to see Mia and Judah with the fish background! And I'd like to see Judah's best fish face. ...a request for a later post. :)