Thursday, June 9, 2011


1 in 100,000.  That's me.  Well, at least as far as getting "rare" side effects from medications.  I was put on a few new ones last week due to the heart rate and some other issues and since then, have been extra fatigued, not breathing well, pulse pounding, etc.  Since I started 4 new meds in 2 days, it was hard to decipher which one(s) was causing the reactions.  Finally, after doing my research (and discovering that only 1 in 100,000 people see darkened urine while taking this drug), noticing an allergy rash, and speaking to my multitude of doctors, I am now off of 3/4 of them.  The plan is to return to one of them after this rash clears up. 

It's so frustrating to feel like I have zero control over any given situation.  I said to Dan the other day that I wish I could go back to this naive place I was in before where I trusted doctors and believed they could heal whatever ailed me.  Ignorance is bliss and I was the happiest of them all.

So I spent yesterday letting my heart chill out on the sofa in the heavenly air conditioning, all so I would have the energy to go to the Glee Live concert, as I had been looking forward to it for many months.  I simply refused to have this occasion derailed by my hyper-sensitive insides, even if it meant I had to drink water constantly to keep from coughing.

And the show was amazing - every single song was a show stopper - and sent me right back to high school (could it have been all of the teens and tweens in attendance?).  I couldn't help but think that if Glee had been around when we were younger that we could've been cool in high school (slushies excluded).  Amazing what pop culture is capable of.

Today is another hot one.  Only Judah's 2nd day of summer vacation and I'm already stumped at how to entertain him without over-exerting myself.

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  1. So, too many meds, too many reactions, too much heat, one blast of a concert... and a fabulous kid who's got energy enough for two of you, but what to do? Hoping that one by one, pill by pill, they'll de-activate your 1 in 100,000 sensitivities.